Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8/24 Draft: Best 2011 Tailgating beer

Sure, we've done this one before but another year, more beers, and a more refined palate (or not, if you're Wesley) = another blog post on the best tailgating beers.
Without further ado, I present to you the beers you need to tailgate with in 2011....


I like to put out what I want first, even if I am not sure if the other one is going to take it.I love PBR... It is cheap, no one is going to steal your beer if you have PBR. And it kinda lays the ground work for don’t eff with me, I do not care about anything.

2M) Sam Adams Boston Lager

PBR makes my short list of beers along with Heineken that I just can't force myself to drink. This is not to say I'm above a High Life or Miller LIte--far from it--PBR just stands for "Pretty Bad, Right?" in my book.

For my first selection, I'm going with Sam Boston Lager. It’s a solid, straightforward lager that’s got plenty of taste, but still goes down easy. Plus when you’re tailgating away, it’s a nice little “hey, here’s some Boston for ya” to show off to the locals.

3W) Natural Light

Mike great call with Sam Adams ; Boston Lager, its a great Boston Beer, and I
really don't know a better one to represent BC, and its mighty tasty.On my second one, let me put out a disclaimer.. I do not only enjoy cheap beers, but I do appreciate them haha. I chose Natural Light as the 3rd round pick of beers, Natural light is essentially the beer of broke college students.. But on top of that,where do you think Matt Ryan go the nickname Matty Ice? Hmmm....

4M) Sierra Nevada Tumbler

Tough to believe we hang out together, right folks?
Next up I have a beer that just tastes like football--in a good way. Tumbler Brown A
le is a delicious brew you should have once the season has turned and there's a little chill in the's a perfect football beer.
This is only the second year Tumbler has been around, so if you haven't tried it yet, do yourself a favor and pick up a sixer. You won't be sorry, I promise.

5W) Shiner Bock

Haha, I hear ya over there Mike, But I am being selective on Football/Tailgating Beers here. This ain't taco mac baby!!
Reason I choose Shinerbock is for a couple reasons. Its a relatively cheap beer, it lets people know you are at least trying to offer something somewhat higher than the bottom of the barrel , but reminds them , its a football game after all.

6M) Full Sail Session Lager

Wesley, that was a solid pick. I love me some Shiner and you're right--for themoney it's impossible to get a better value.
Next up I'm going with Full Sail Session Lager. This tasty treat out of Oregon was made for tailgating...seriously! the "session" tag means that they know you're about to finish the 30 pack so they make it super easy drinking and great for tailgating fare

7W) Tailgate Light

I mean how could we do a draft about the best tailgating beer, and not include onewhose exclusive purpose in life is for tailgating? Slight disclaimer here, I've actually never tasted this, just thought it would be a huge disservice to include them here for namesake alone.

8M) Sam Adams Octoberfest

Well, at least you had one good choice, Wesley.

A steal at the 8 spot, I'm grabbing Sam Octoberfest. A tasty Märzen brew, we still have the Boston thing going for us plus the rich delicious malty flavors of the full boddied but ever-drinkable Octoberfest.

9W) Bud Light

Haha, I still feel pretty strong that I am going to win this one BCMike.

Is Bud Light my favorite beer? Negative. It is by far not even close. But setup a tailgate and look around, what is the most evident beer ? Bud Light, by a very far margin.

So I am going to finish with the crowd-pleaser, Bud Light

10M) Harp Lager

Wesley, you might win this draft--and if you do; I'll have to shed a tear in my beer. I'm still confident my picks are solid here.

While there are many brews that are delicious, it can't be heavy or too boozy at a tailgate as this is a volume sport.

For my last entry, we're going a little light while still rocking the BC Irish pride with Harp Lager. It's solid, smooth, easy to drink and refreshing while the dog-days of summer are still with us. Shout-out to my next selection, which would have been Harpoon IPA. Still a terrific brew...maybe I should have taken it here instead of Harp...

Wesley drafted: PBR, Natural Light, Shiner Bock, Tailgate Light, Bud Light
BCMike drafted: Sierra Nevada Tumbler, Sam Boston Lager, Full Session Lager, Sam Octoberfest, Harp Lager

8/24 draft: Best 2011 Tailgating Beer
Wesley: PBR, Natural Light, Shiner Bock, Tailgate Light, Bud Light
BCMike: Sierra Nevada Tumbler, Sam Boston Lager, Full Session Lager, Sam Octoberfest, Harp Lager free polls


  1. Life is too short for crappy beer. We're in New England, which means we should drink hearty & tasty brews. IPAs, Porters, Red Ales, Octoberfests. Money is no object when it comes to tailgate beer.

    I am not a pumpkin ale guy, but certainly its a good fall beverage for people that are into that, so throw that in the cooler.

    Also, special shout out to car bombs at the tailgate. A huge hit if you're willing to put in the effort of Guinness, Baileys, Jamesons, stout glasses, and shot glasses.

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