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7/26/11 draft: Final record in '11-'12

Last year's schedule was one of the easiest we have had in a long time. This year, it's the exact opposite, ranked the 6th toughest in the country by Phil Steele. The question is, given all of the changes that have taken place this last year at The Heights, what will our record be at the end of the year?


1Wesley) 9-3

Maroon glasses on here, no doubting it our schedule ranks as the number 6 in the nation, and I definitely agree with it we have a hard road ahead of us..9-3 wouldn’t be great, but it would be good. I still believe 2012 is our year. But we will be able to have some good wins. Over the Irish, Miami, UCF and NWU

2Mike) 8-4

I had my glasses on like they should be last year, and given the uber-easy schedule we had I really thought big things. Now, I know we should have a little better team this year having broken in plenty of freshman last year and, in the “prayers answered” category we scored Kevin Rogers which we all hope will really turn around the offense. That being said, we really do have quite a tough schedule this year. I think we probably will go 9-3 or thereabouts, so I’ll go a little bearish here at 8-4, which would still be a good season and put us on track for a very good team in 2012-2013.

3W) 4-8

This actually pains me to write, cause I have to admit.. Im a BC fan , and think there are tons of chances to win.. But don’t let me overshadow the schedule, its is not forgiving, and we do have a very young team. With a first year Offensive coach. And a new OL to gel, and some key losses on the DL as well.. I wouldcall 4-8 a low water mark, as I honestly can't see it going much worse thanthat.. We have some winnable games, WF, UMASS , etc.. But in recent history we havent necessarily beaten the pants off of those teams.

4M) 7-5

After reeling off a string of wins early in the year, the Eagles have a dreadfully tough schedule starting when we travel TO Blacksburg where we were prison raped without lubricant the last time we had “the pleasure”. While I think we’ll certainly be in just about every game, there are too many good teams towards the end of the schedule that have an opportunity to trip up our Eagles. It’s certainly possible we keep the early good momentum going, but make no mistake it’s clearly an uphill battle the second half of the season. Here I think we go 7-5 and likely are beyond battle tested by whatever bowl game we go to and completely annihilate whomever we face.

5W) 12-0

I call this the marooned out glasses view..
I will say , there is some reason for optimism.. Larmond is back! New Offensive Coordinator

Montel's senior year, Chase progresses. The stars align.. IT COULD HAPPEN, believe you and me, it without a doubt could!

6M) 10-2

There’s the blinded homer we were looking for! You guys didn’t really think we would go through a whole draft w/out some national championship talk, did you? Lol….

I’m going 10-2 here because I think it’s slightly more likely than a 6-6 record. I think BC matches up well with Northwestern and UCF, I think we beat UMass and Wake easily. Clemson is in a bit of a downward spiral and has lost a good bit of talent, plus they’ll be breaking in a new OC WITH a new QB. I think it could be close, but I think our Eagles win. From there it’s a six tough, close games that our Eagles manage to win four of.

7W) 6-6

I call 500 a losing season, I know its not but Its not a winning , so in my mind its losing.. We get off to a bumpy start and basically bounce like a skipped rock over a pond..

I say we beat NU, we fall to the C-USA champs, and win no others than the few obvious ones along the way.. I would not be happy with this result, and Spaz would officially be on the very hot seat.

8M) 5-7

I think so much depends on the start of the year for our Eagles. If we stumble out of the gate and have no concept of Rogers’ offense, we could be sitting at 0-2 early with the possibility of going 2-3 in our first five before our trip to Clemson—another team with a lot of inexperience but much reason to be hopeful. If we’re a wounded duck early I think it’s likely we won’t go bowling and our Eagles wind up below .500. The real question is: does going 5-7 cause Spaz to lose his job? I don’t think so only because Rogers won’t have had enough time to really put his offense in place and Gene can’t fire Spaz and promote Rogers if the offense is unsuccessful.

9W) 3-9

I really don't see this happening, there just isnt much on the board now..
A 3-9 season would without a doubt but Spaz on the hot seat. And be a killer to BC.. BC prides itself on consistency, the possibility of not making a bowl game is huge, as is only coming away with 3 wins. Although this is a VERY hard schedule, we should do much better than 3-9, if it happens, it will be very painful

10M) 11-1

I don’t think there’s any way that this team wins less than four games. If it does, I agree—heads need to roll. The D will still be very stout and we have a lot of talent returning on offense now under a coordinator who drinks more Pepsi than Metamucil. We’ll be fine.

Next is my rosy glass prediction. I can’t very well take 2-10 or 1-11, so I’m going with the last one left in the positive, 11-1. Clearly I think we have to go unscathed through our first six games. The question is, where does the loss come from? I think that while most folks are big on FSU, we get them at home on a Thursday night. I think our toughest contest will be at VT, and we’ll drop that one—but have a chance to redeem ourselves in the A3CG.


Wesley drafted: 9-3, 4-8, 12-0, 6-6, 3-9
BCMike drafted: 8-4, 7-5, 10-2, 5-7, 11-1

7-26 Draft: Who predicted the more accurate '11-'12 season?
Wesley: 9-3, 4-8, 12-0, 6-6, 3-9
BCMike: 8-4, 7-5, 10-2, 5-7, 11-1
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