Thursday, July 21, 2011

7/21/11 Draft: We look in the mirror and what do we see?

As much as we complain that it's not fair or that it's tough for a small private school in the northeast to compete with the jumbo juggernaut state schools in the south, there are, in fact, a couple schools out there that BC would likely share a beer or two (okay, maybe scotch or wine and cheese) with. Maybe we don't like everyone on this list, but you have to admit, we run in the same circles...

We look in the mirror and what do we see?

1Mike) Notre Dame

As much as we despise the fraudulent french, they are our
Catholic brothers as one of only two 1A (FCS) schools playing football among the behemoth public state schools that can throw tons of taxpayer money at the game. We're also both private, fairly small schools that still give a flying flip about academics and making sure our players graduate.

Lastly, there's the whole Irish roots thing which I contest as my great-great-grandfather's ship didn't land in Indiana, but along the eastern seaboard...but I digress.

You also won't find many folks who are terribly neutral about either school. Sure, ND is more polarizing than BC is, but people who generally like us REALLY like us and those who feel the other way do so with great zeal.

2Wesley) Stanford

Mike I agree, but danggggg is it painful.. But can't disagree
on the similarities.

I am going with Stanford, and actually I would like to play Stanford on a regular basis if it was possible. Stanford has the increased academia requirement, and in a larger city, but does a small advantage on the recruiting grounds being in California.

3M) Georgia Tech

Yes, I know it's not private and it's in the south but hear me out.
It's an excellent academic school in a large, sports crazed town whose residents and media do not give the Jackets the time or attention they deserve.

Sound familiar?

4W) Northwestern

All too familiar, but Mikey boy, I think you missed an
easy one here, how bout who the Eagles square up against on September 3rd?? How bout them CATS!! Private school , in Chi Town.. Who struggles filling up their small stadium.. Oh and they are private, and have some serious academic requirements.

Honestly we go head to head with them on a ton of recruits.. I do see a little bit of our Eagles, in Northwestern.. No doubt about it .

5M) Vanderbilt

Good call with Northwestern, Wesley—I was going to go there myself but thought GT was a tad bit closer to BC.

For my third pick, fifth overall I’m going with Vandy. How Vandy is in the SEC and not the ACC is still a mystery to me, but that’s another topic I suppose.

The Commodores have had success both on the football field and on the hardwoods, but it comes in spikes—much like the Eagles. Every now and again they’re really good, but don’t really get the respect they deserve because they’re not a typical powerhouse year in and out and, much like the rest of the schools listed above, give two shakes about academics and admission requirements.

While I’m still bitter about the bowl loss we had to Vandy on New Year’s Eve a couple years ago –and I’m not sure I’ve completely thawed out yet either—I still cheer for Vandy as the deck is usually stacked against them in the SEC.

6W) Penn State

Mike, good one with Vandy! Man that was the coldest game ever in Nashville.. And such a hard loss...

I mean Spaz is getting up in age, but hell he played for
Joe Pa lol.. Penn State has some good academic requirements, in the same general area of the northeast, and we do battle them for recruits at times. I really do wish we had them on the schedule in a regular form. What a great home and away that would be. Although Happy Valley isnt necessarily as urban as Chestnut Hill... I do still think we have a good bit in common.


That really was a hard loss…but at least we enjoyed some delicious grilled venison! Lol….

I’m not sure I agree with you on the Penn State one there, Wesley. I like Penn State as well as my old man did his Graduate work there, but as a gigantic state school with insane funds to throw at the program and one coach in 50 years (unlike our four in twenty), I’m not sure if a BC Eagle looks in the mirror we see a Nittany Lion…

My next selection is brought to you by former Boston College Quarterback and Eagle in Atlanta man-boy-crush, Paul Peterson. I’m taking the Cougars of BYU with my 4th selection. The obvious compressions are that it’s a private school and a religiously affiliated one at that. While BC and ND are the only Catholic D1A foo
tball schools, there are a couple other private religiously affiliated ones as well.

However with BYU the comparisons don’t end there. I think the Cougs suffer the same “meh, it’s ____” that BC gets if the team is 3-0, 4-0, etc. Only when the Cougs are 5-0, 7-1, etc., do they really get much respect. Like our Eagles, it needs to be earned year in and out for respect to be given to them. If Auburn or LSU
are 3-0, they’re ranked. Period. Not so with our Eagles or the BYU football team.

Lastly, I’d point out that we both have a surprisingly impressive string of putting QB’s into the NFL. BC’s I don’t have to name for you, but how about BYU? Sure you know Steve Young, but what about Jim McMahon? Ty Detmer? Max Hall? They usually have someone pretty good chuckin’ the pigskin in Provo.

8W) Boston University

Mike I like the BYU match up, I really do, but I think the rest of the choice was a bit of a stretch.. But we are getting towards the final rounds so I wont fault you too much for that.

Now I know I am going to get torched for this one, I know .. I know BU is very different but there are some similarities that you cannot overlook. First, I live in Alabama, I tell people I am a diehard BC fan, and they automatically think oh the university in Boston.. Nope that’s not it.. But it doesn’t always register that there may be about 50-60 more colleges in the city of Boston. Secondly the price of tuition is similar, as BC and BU seem to have a battle for highest tuition that they both are either winning or losing. Heck, they are on the same street! I agree BU is VERY different, but they definitely have some similarities

9M) Syracuse

Seriously? BU? Sure, their football team has been undefeated since what, 2003…but past that they’re not really the same aside from a world class hockey squad. Yes, we’re both on the same street but both BC folks and
BU folks look and smell pretty darn different, IMO.

With my last selection, I’m going with The Orangemen. Yes, we have our differences but as a fellow private school with solid academics in the northeast, they face many of the same challenges we here at BC do. They also have had some historically awesome players there but seem to go with big dips of ups and downs (maybe they’re coming out from the valley soon?) much like our Eagles.

10W) Duke

Mike don't be mad that I stole your selection haha.

I actually have sooo much confidence in my draft ,
I am going to go outside of the box on my last pick, and I am going to choose West Virginia!!!. Haha yeah not exactly..
I am going Duke.. Duke is a great school that shares a great conference. Like BC Duke sometimes gets overlooked on the Gridiron(not on the hardwood though) and sometimes plays second fiddle to the other teams in town--which in their case is UNC and NC State.

BCMike selected: ND, GT, Vanderbilt
, BYU, Syracuse
Wesley selected: Stanford, Penn State, Northwestern, BU, Duke

Who drafted the better mirror to BC?
BCMike: ND, GT, Vanderbilt, BYU, Syracuse
Wesley: Stanford, Penn State, Northwestern, BU, Duke free polls


  1. I feel like Wake Forest should have made it to someone's board.

  2. BU Football - think it was 1997 when they stopped.

  3. Ahh---Erik you are very right about Wake Forest. Not sure how they slipped through.